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I love helping entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners to succeed through their people and company culture.


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What happy clients are saying:

"A HUGE thanks Glenn. You really gave me lucid direction - hugely appreciated. Definitely recommend calling Glenn. His wisdom, outlook and considered approach has given me invaluable help. Cannot recommend a call with him highly enough. Glenn - thanks again for all the excellent advice and shall be jumping on another call again soon. Arigato!"

Andy Peck, Founder/CEO, Bristol, UK


"Glenn gave me some insightful questions to ask a potential hire to determine if it was a good fit, and provided real clarity on how to better communicate with my co-founder more effectively. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to people in an organization."

Venkat Dinavahi, Founder/CEO, New York/San Francisco


or call me anytime at 416.566.6892