No two companies are alike. And yet, many share the same people and company culture problems.


Whether you're a startup just launching a new business or growing rapidly, or an established one dealing with age-old problems, issues like bad hires, bad attitudes and low morale can suck the life out of you, and your company. 


It's time to think as strategically and as seriously about people and culture as you do your finances. After all, they're the only true differentiators you have. 

So what can I help you with today?

Build a strong culture

Design an environment which values performance, respect and accountability

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Smart people practices

Develop strategies to attract, hire, manage and retain the best employees

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Workshops and seminars to satisfy every need

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What happy clients are saying:

"There's nothing conventional about Glenn. In fact, he redefines the word 'consultant'… he's an expert in his field (quite frankly the smartest, most informed you'll find out there)… He calibrates, aligns and harmonizes the structural health of your organization."

Joanne Del Core, Founder of Core Coaching & Emotional Intelligence Strategist

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