Hopefully this isn't real life.



But a bad culture doesn't have to include actual slugfests. Are you seeing:

Unmotivated employees

Maybe they're not the right fit, or maybe they just need a nudge.

Key people leaving

Top performers need a culture that supports and drives them.

Constant employee conflicts

You don't have time to always be the mediator.

Why wait? Let's turn things around starting TODAY.

I take a thorough, objective and systematic look at where your culture problems might be originating from – because the real problems are often not what you might think they are, and often deeper and more widespread than you first thought. To accomplish this, I follow my PeoplePortfolio Culture Program™, consisting of:

The PeoplePortfolio Culture Map™ – Through open discussions and keen observations, we analyze and identify the fundamental elements and touch points that make up a great company culture: goals, purpose, vision, values, traditions, communication, leadership, change management and others. We examine past successes and failures, and pinpoint the challenges and obstacles – such as behaviours, habits and modes of thinking – that are getting in the way.

The PeoplePortfolio™ Culture Action Plan™ – Knowing what the issues are is only half the battle. The real test comes in doing something about it. 


The Culture Action Plan™ includes detailed insights and recommendations to tackle the most critical issues, so you can start making positive changes immediately. It also includes a communication plan so you can keep your employees informed as to what's changing, manage their expectations, and secure their buy-in.


And, since I'm never comfortable just 'writing a prescription' and leaving, the plan includes a transitional period to ensure our work together actually sticks, replaces old habits, and becomes the new normal.

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