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Short on time? Just need quick hits of information or useful tips? Our PeoplePortfolio Knowledge™ modules consist of customized seminars and Lunch & Learns for you and your team.


Session 1: Creating Powerful Employee Engagement

Recent studies about employee engagement at companies worldwide are alarming. Between 70-80% are just putting in their time! They might look busy, but in reality, their minds and hearts are somewhere else. This can have a significant impact on your business, resulting in poor productivity, costly mistakes, and no innovation. 
Learn what the major causes are, and what you can do immediately to get everyone back on track.
Session length: 60 minutes + Q&A

Session 2: Legal Best Practices When Hiring & Firing

Running any business is risky, but taking unnecessary risks when hiring new employees or letting them go is completely avoidable. For example, did you know you shouldn't have a new employee sign their employment paperwork on the first of work? or that probationary periods are not automatic, don't have to be three months in length, and isn't even a legal term? (based on employment laws in Ontario, Canada)
Learn more about common hiring and firing myths and best practices to keep you on the right side of the law.
Session length: 60 minutes + Q&A

Session 3: Bulletproof Recruitment & Hiring Techniques

50% of business owners say that their #1 challenge is finding and retaining qualified people. Even with large numbers of people looking for work, locating and securing the best employees takes time and skill.
Learn where and how to attract (not find) the best talent, and techniques to reduce the odds of making a bad hire, while increasing the chances of finding a high performing superstar.
Session length: 60 minutes + Q&A

What happy clients are saying:

"Glenn was an engaging teacher at our event, getting Fellows to share their experiences and discuss improved ways to approach future situations. He had no problem talking about the unspoken problems an employee might face in a startup environment and it was helpful to put everything on the table and get insights from someone who has seen such an array of scenarios.  It was a pleasure to chat with Glenn before, during and well-after the event, and we look forward to hearing him again"

Patrick Farrar, COO, Venture for Canada


"As a presenter, Glenn was extremely professional and engaging. His seminar was practical, very clear, and he delivered an informative presentation for our small business clients.

Margie Galarneau, Small Business Advisor, Enterprise Toronto

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