How smart are your people practices?



Do you make it up as you go along? You may end up with:

Bad Hires

Are you compromising, or cutting corners just to get someone fast?

Poor Teamwork

Does everyone have each other's backs?

Ambiguous Job Roles

Are your employees performing tasks, or delivering results?

Let's improve the odds of success. Starting TODAY.

Here is a list of the primary areas I focus on with my clients, especially startups and small businesses. Perhaps not surprisingly, they also happen to be their biggest blindspots. Want to grow your business? Any one of these has the power to act like an anchor, keeping you from achieving your goals. Where are you falling short?


Compensation & Benefits

Employee Engagement

Leadership and daily management

Learning & Development

Onboarding and training new employees

Organizational Structure

Performance Management

Policies & Procedures

Purpose, Vision, Core Values


Rewards & Recognition

Roles & Responsibilities

Talent attraction, recruitment and hiring

Team Building & Alignment

How I Can Help: Through a combination of interviews, surveys, observations, and assessments, my proprietary processes and scorecards clearly lay out which of those areas meet expectations, which ones exceed them, and which ones need an overhaul. We then work together to develop and implement effective and long-lasting solutions. I provide the strategy, the guidance, the tools and support – you bring the willingness to do better, and the motivation to be better. That's a winning combination.

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